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In 2018, a Director, a Cinematographer, and a Producer decided to start a production company. So they did. This is that company, if that was unclear. 

alex enman | creative director

Alex has worked in the video industry for over ten years, getting his start as an editor and colorist. Since then, he's done everything from camera engineering, live directing, concert videography, project consulting, and set design. He plays 5 instruments and is an aspiring painter. When he's not bugging Dylan about what film stock to take on his next photography trip, you can find him in the Bottle Tree office spinning records while cutting. 

dan gruenpeter | executive producer

Dan has over 13 years of international industry experience which has given him a unique perspective in production management & development. Dan has worked in numerous business development & revenue generation roles for leading camera manufacturers such as ARRI and Canon as well as leading local, national & international equipment rental & sales companies in Australia, UK & USA. Dan is results driven, has a solid understanding of client services management & is able to formulate packages based on any budget

dylan law | director of photography

Dylan Law has worked as a Camera Op, Gimbal Specialist, and Director of Photography for over a decade. He's had the pleasure of working for clients like HBO, ESPN, and Spotify - to name only a few. Dylan has also given a number of workshops on gimbal technologies, and has great insights into how these new tools can influence blocking, scene construction, and visual aesthetic. When he's not behind the camera, he's probably outside - fishing in some unnamed river in Western Massachusetts

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